Why would a suicidal man murder his family

Why Would a Suicidal Man Murder His Family?

You’ve seen it in the news, especially during an economic depression. A man loses his job, gets into a big pile of debt, runs out of options, and then kills himself. In more tragic cases, he takes his whole family with him. If you think having a job is stressful, …

Why chasing returns is a loser's game

Cathie Wood and ARKK: Why Chasing Returns is a Loser’s Game

How do you call an investment that failed? Answer: a long-term investment! Far too many investors think it’s a joke to stick with underperforming funds in their portfolio— selling them in favor of attractive ones— turning temporary losses into real ones. Nothing wrong with buying and selling based on a …

Financial Planning

Don’t Make a New Year’s Resolution, Start a Plan

One of my proudest accomplishments is being able to finish our basement with my own hands. It now comes with a full bath, laundry room, home theater, and a mini gym. I did most of the labor myself, including the electrical and plumbing, working mostly weekends with occasional help from …

S&P 500 is not the stock market

News Flash: The S&P 500 is Not the Stock Market

I’m not going to lie to you. Financially, it has been an excellent year for us as a couple. With no mortgage to think about and the kids’ college savings almost funded, our cash reserves have been piling up faster than we can invest. If Trump’s win, four years ago, …


Give Cash on Christmas Day, No Greater Gift is There Than Cash

At least that’s what I think former Wharton professor and economist Joel Waldfogel is implying in his book Scroogenomics: Why you shouldn’t buy presents for the holidays (Princeton University Press).
In a 2012 interview with Bloomberg, Waldfogel argues that Americans end up wasting billions of dollars on presents during the holiday season every year:
“Normally, when we spend money on ourselves we only buy things that they’re worth at least the price. So if I see something worth $50 to me, I’ll buy it. Normally, spending provides some measure of satisfaction.”
He then contrasts this to giving gifts to others.
“Gift giving is really different. If I set up to spend $50 on you, I’m operating at a huge disadvantage– I don’t know what you like or what you already have. I could spend $50 and buy something that is worth nothing to you.”

First Million is the Hardest

The First Million is the Hardest (here’s how to make it easier)

As cliché as it sounds, the first million is the hardest. Having achieved recently my second in four short years instead of fifteen— saving for my first— is a testament to this. But why exactly is that? The short answer is it takes money to beget money. The more money …

The Shortest Path to Wealth is Not Necessarily the Best Route to Take

The Shortest Path to Wealth is Not Necessarily the Best Route to Take

What is the shortest path to wealth? Frankly, I have three words for you: “Marry for money.” Either that or “Win the lottery.” Neither is realistic nor practical unless you happen to be extremely attractive or incredibly lucky. If you ask a few personal finance gurus, however, you’ll get differing …

Dying without a will
Financial Planning

Dying Without a Will Could be Your Ultimate Horror Story

My first real encounter with death occurred while I was in Manila many years ago. I was riding a cab on my way to the City Hall when I was awakened from my short nap by the driver who was frantically exclaiming in Tagalog, “May tao, nasagasaan ng trak!” A man …

The Kingmaker Review

The Kingmaker: a Damning Documentary of Imelda Marcos’ Greed and Excess

If you haven’t heard of Imelda Marcos’ legendary 3,000 pairs of shoes, it’s either you’re too young or live under a rock. Imelda Marcos was the Evita Peron of the Philippines, only greedier and more corrupt. Her conjugal dictatorship with the late president, Ferdinand Marcos, is listed in the Guinness …

Anatomy of an American Paycheck

The Anatomy of an American Paycheck

If only more people paid attention to their paychecks than credit limits, we would have less poverty, homelessness, divorce, and more happy millionaires who don’t stress about money.