Don’t cry over spilled milk, be thankful for what you have

Do you often wonder what your life would be if it spun the other direction?

You are not alone. Pretty much every one of us has stories of our failures. May it be that test that you flunked, the business opportunity that you overlooked, the failed relationship, or the embarrassing email that you sent to work that got you fired.

But what if those failures suddenly become successes? What if you were able to turn back the time and made the other choice? Have you ever thought about what your life would have become?

If you think that you’d automatically become the highly successful person you’ve always aspired for, you’re absolutely mistaken.

There’s no guarantee that you will ultimately succeed. Like what Mike said in the movie, one’s destiny is a very complicated thing. Every choice, decision, or event in our life, affects everything else that follows it. There is always an element of luck or if you’re religious, divine intervention.

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