Why Married Couples Who Combine Finances Get Richer

Should You Marry for Love or Money? Why Not Both?

If you are reasonably attractive, your shortest path to wealth could be to marry for money. But should you? The old joke is to marry some rich old man (or woman) and marry for love after they die. But that only makes you a glorified prostitute. Since Valentine’s Day just …

Xbox Christmas Wish

How to Teach Your Xbox Obsessed Kids About Money and Investing

My son once told me he someday wants to earn big bucks working for Microsoft. “So you want to be a software developer like me?” I asked. “No, I want to be a cashier; that’s where the money is!” he quipped. That’s when he was nine. Kids this age have …

Position of F--- You

Being in a “Position of F— You” Gave Me the Power to Say No

What is the best thing about being financially independent? It puts you in a “Position of Fuck You.” Once you have enough money, you don’t need a boss— nobody can tell you what to do. Or, if you wish to remain employed, nobody can tell you where to do your …

Why Married Couples Who Combine Finances Get Richer

Why Married Couples Who Combine Finances Get Richer

When my wife and I first dated, I had to fly to Dallas to see her. She offered that I stay in her apartment while she goes back to work, which I accepted without hesitation. I was too cheap to get a hotel room. A whirlwind romance followed, I proposed, …

Why would a suicidal man murder his family

Why Would a Suicidal Man Murder His Family?

You’ve seen it in the news, especially during an economic depression. A man loses his job, gets into a big pile of debt, runs out of options, and then kills himself. In more tragic cases, he takes his whole family with him. If you think having a job is stressful, …

Money Taboo Social Media

Money Taboo (or why people would rather share their sexual escapades than talk about money)

Not long ago, my wife asked me if she could share on her Facebook thread that we’ve paid off the house. My knee jerk reaction was a big N-O! Money is supposed to be taboo— people would rather share their sexual escapades than talk about money. Along with sex, religion, …

Life lessons from the Korean Movie Parasite

Life Lessons from the Korean Movie “Parasite”

If you haven’t seen the movie, Parasite, give yourself a treat and do so while you’re on quarantine. The Korean black comedy-thriller was the biggest winner at the Oscars this year, winning five awards, including Best Picture. The story is about an impoverished family, the Kims, who lived in a …

Why People Should Be Thrown in Jail For Sharing Fake News

Coronavirus Pandemic: Why People Should Be Thrown in Jail For Sharing Fake News

Unless you live in a cave, the coronavirus, COVID-19, has affected the way you live in many ways. Mine sure has. Some good, others bad. For starters, I no longer have to commute to work. My physical office has been closed for two weeks now, indefinitely. So I’ve been working …


Why You Should Save for Your Kids’ College Education

One of the financial concerns of every couple is saving for their kid’s college education. Some end up making excuses why they shouldn’t, among them: You cannot borrow for retirement, but you can borrow for college. It promotes responsibility– they’ll work harder academically. I don’t have much money left after …

Don't let your American dream become a nightmare
American dream

Homeownership: Don’t Let Your American Dream Become a Nightmare

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like or where you love. It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or young or old or rich or poor, able, disabled, gay or straight, you can …