Impact Investing: the Economy is Moving Away From Profit and Toward Purpose

In life, there are two main ways you can achieve financial freedom: you could get rich at all costs and not care about anything else, which could also put you in trouble and make enemies along the way, or you could become a conscious investor with a purpose. The first …


Give Cash on Christmas Day, No Greater Gift is There Than Cash

At least that’s what I think former Wharton professor and economist Joel Waldfogel is implying in his book Scroogenomics: Why you shouldn’t buy presents for the holidays (Princeton University Press).
In a 2012 interview with Bloomberg, Waldfogel argues that Americans end up wasting billions of dollars on presents during the holiday season every year:
“Normally, when we spend money on ourselves we only buy things that they’re worth at least the price. So if I see something worth $50 to me, I’ll buy it. Normally, spending provides some measure of satisfaction.”
He then contrasts this to giving gifts to others.
“Gift giving is really different. If I set up to spend $50 on you, I’m operating at a huge disadvantage– I don’t know what you like or what you already have. I could spend $50 and buy something that is worth nothing to you.”

The Shortest Path to Wealth is Not Necessarily the Best Route to Take

The Shortest Path to Wealth is Not Necessarily the Best Route to Take

What is the shortest path to wealth? Frankly, I have three words for you: “Marry for money.” Either that or “Win the lottery.” Neither is realistic nor practical unless you happen to be extremely attractive or incredibly lucky. If you ask a few personal finance gurus, however, you’ll get differing …

Beating The Street By Peter Lynch

Book Review: Beating the Street by Peter Lynch (How He Conquered the Stock Market)

This post is about Peter Lynch’s successful exploits to conquer the stock market. I’ve happened to get hold of a copy of his book, Beating the Street, which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Book Review: Everyday Millionaires

Book Review: Everyday Millionaires By Chris Hogan

If you search for images of millionaires over the web, what do you see? People in nice black suits, tall hats, and fancy cars. Maybe pictures of your favorite celebrities or athletes? A millionaire is someone with net assets of at least seven digits— that’s assets minus liabilities. In contrast, …

Your Money or Your Life

Book Review: Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

Imagine yourself walking into a dark alley, in the middle of some ghetto neighborhood, and halfway through, a masked thug suddenly appears, pulls out a sharp knife and exclaims, “Your Money or Your Life!”  Unless your first name is Chuck and your last name is Norris, chances are, you would surrender …

Wealth By Virtue Book Cover

Wealth by Virtue: a Book by Chad Gordon

Not long ago, I accepted an offer from a publisher to receive an advanced copy of Wealth by Virtue. Being a money nerd, I said yes, given that it came with a “no expectations and pester-free guarantee.” Even if the book turns out to be a dud, it could still …

The Millionaire Next Door

Millionaire Next Door: Here’s a Better Rule of Thumb

One of my favorite personal finance books of all time is the one that was written by the late Thomas J. Stanley, The Millionaire Next Door (published in 1996). The bestselling book identifies common traits that show up again and again among those who have accumulated wealth. The surprising finding …