Keep it simple, Sister!

Keep it Simple, Sister! KI$$ Investing for Millionaire Dummies

One reason why this blog will never achieve mainstream is I couldn’t share it with my family or friends. How could I when I’ve been blogging about the intimate details of my finances— and theirs too! I first blogged about my sister’s finances in 2017 when she had a net …

How to Survive a Bear Market Attack
Financial Planning

How to Survive and Thrive from a Bear Market Attack

Imagine you’re hiking in the Alaskan wilderness with a friend, and not far away, you spot two little cubs heading toward you both. Your heart starts pounding, wondering where momma bear is until you get startled by the sight of an angry grizzly ready to pounce the two of you …


War is Stupid, So is Panic Selling

Russia has invaded Ukraine, another black swan event to wreak havoc in the stock market just when the world has barely recovered from the effects of COVID-19. Putin must have lost his mind— a scary proposition considering that Russia has the most nukes in its arsenal. What’s next? The Chinese …

Calculating Warren Buffett's Rate of Return

Calculating Warren Buffett’s Rate of Return (and what you can learn from it)

In a 2018 Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting, Warren Buffett stated that if someone invested $10,000 in a stock index fund back in 1942, it would have been worth $51 million. An index fund is a type of mutual fund designed to match the performance of the overall market. For …


Impact Investing: the Economy is Moving Away From Profit and Toward Purpose

In life, there are two main ways you can achieve financial freedom: you could get rich at all costs and not care about anything else, which could also put you in trouble and make enemies along the way, or you could become a conscious investor with a purpose. The first …

Why chasing returns is a loser's game

Cathie Wood and ARKK: Why Chasing Returns is a Loser’s Game

How do you call an investment that failed? Answer: a long-term investment! Far too many investors think it’s a joke to stick with underperforming funds in their portfolio— selling them in favor of attractive ones— turning temporary losses into real ones. Nothing wrong with buying and selling based on a …

S&P 500 is not the stock market

News Flash: The S&P 500 is Not the Stock Market

I’m not going to lie to you. Financially, it has been an excellent year for us as a couple. With no mortgage to think about and the kids’ college savings almost funded, our cash reserves have been piling faster than we can invest. If Trump’s win, four years ago, made …

First Million is the Hardest

The First Million is the Hardest (here’s how to make it easier)

As cliché as it sounds, the first million is the hardest. Having achieved recently my second in four short years instead of fifteen— saving for my first— is a testament to this. But why exactly is that? The short answer is it takes money to beget money. The more money …

Coronavirus stock market crash

How to Survive and Thrive from the Coronavirus Stock Market Crash

As I’m writing this, the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 wreaks havoc across the globe, causing the U.S. stock market to plunge more than 20% in a few weeks. The rush to safety accelerated to unseen levels since the Black Monday of 1987. Thanks to the uncertainty. As if that’s …

American dream

What 20 Years in America has Taught Me About Money

Today is my 20th anniversary living in America— the land of milk and honey. The place where pretty much anything that I’m accustomed to seeing is bigger. Bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger TVs., bigger you name it. I can vividly remember what my reaction was