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The Road to Being Rich: 7 Tips for Earning Extra Money While Working Full Time 

In this age where real wages aren’t rising due to inflation, it’s becoming increasingly important to supplement your income with side hustles. And those who are willing to do what average people won’t do are the ones that are rewarded with above average results.

Vintage Computing: Trash to Treasure
Side Hustle

Vintage Computing: Turning Trash into Treasure

Ever since I was able to resell a “vintage” typewriter for a profit, my wife and I have been propelled to look for other potentially valuable items. We went as far as driving around garage sales of wealthy neighborhoods hoping to find a “hidden gem”: a 19th-century necklace, an oil …

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How Effective Copywriting Sold my “Unsellable” Typewriter

One of the must-have skills on your road to Financial Independence is selling. Even if you don’t work in a marketing or sales position, we often find ourselves in situations where we have to sell, or loosely speaking, persuade people to act in our favor, may it be applying for …