Millionaire Before 50 Turns Three Years Old! Why I Continue to Blog


August 21st marks my third anniversary of blogging at MB-50. Still going strong after publishing over 80 articles or about two posts per month with occasional guest posts from interesting people here and there. It’s been a pleasure serving you.

It has been said that it takes three years to build a successful business. You spend a lot on infrastructure in the first year only to break even on the second. It’s the third year when you’re supposed to start making money.

Except that this blog is not a business, it’s a beloved hobby! Sure, I sell T-shirts and Google ad space. However, at this stage, my family will starve if I made this my day job.

“So what’s driving you to write then?” you may ask.

I write about money because people, in general, suck at personal finance

Somebody ought to do or write something about it.

Here are examples of what’s happening in my backyard:

Falling into the iPad bait: One couple attended a real-estate investment seminar to get a free iPad. They ended up buying raw land. Now they’re paying thousands of dollars in property tax, every year, on a property that barely appreciates, and they can’t rent out. That’s money that can be spent on dozens of iPads!

Swimming in debt: Another couple used the equity in their home to build a swimming pool to “save money” on swimming lessons when they’re still paying student loan debt, and kids have no college savings. Now they are even in greater debt. And their house becomes the new “community country club” the whole summer.

The ultimate overkill: My neighbor just bought a $90,000 Tesla because he has a 60-mile commute. He’s no longer burning money on gas— he’s now burning money on depreciation cost every mile he drives his car!

College tour galore: A couple I know regretted driving their college-bound kids out-of-state for private university tours. Now their twins have over $50,000 student loans each and still growing, and they spend a lot of time and money driving or buying airline tickets to see them.

With all this stuff happening around you, who isn’t going to be inspired to write?

If money were the main reason, I would not have rejected people offering cash for me to publish articles with links to gambling sites.

I write to raise awareness and help people

When you see an elderly woman struggling to move stuff into her car, what do you do? You help her. Then she thanks you.

When you see a random person doing stupid stuff about money, what do you do? You tell him. He’ll ask you to mind your own business. Either that or you get smacked in the face for giving unsolicited advice.

Writing a blog about Personal Finance is a better alternative. That way, you can reach and help more people. The web is mightier than the sword.

Here you will see real numbers. Not only do I write about my financial underwear. I also share my past and possibly future mistakes about money.

Relying on mainstream media like USA Today or Yahoo Finance to learn about personal finance is like relying on Facebook to bring you the news.

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I need you to help me raise awareness

My mission remains the same— to educate broke Americans (including Filipino-Americans, Indian-Americans, or whatever your nationality is) about money and potentially other aspects of your life. But I can’t do it alone.

You can help me in various ways: commenting, liking, sharing any MB50 post to your friends, or signing up for emails using the form below.

P.S. – I will be attending FinCon 2019 in Washington D.C. Feel free to contact me at msolve_at_millionairebefore50_dot_com if you wish to connect.

Stay tuned. More exciting things to come!

It is a good thing you are doing. I don’t have ads or links or anything, I just don’t want to work that hard, I’ve got a consulting hobby that pays insanely well for the time it takes and don’t need the money it makes much less additional money from blogging. But I think anyone not adverse to extra cash deserves income from their blogs, as many posts as you’ve made, while it is fun it still is a lot of work. I blog because like you, like most everyone, we all have a perspective that is different. Unlike most I loved my job, that’s weird but also gives me a different take and I got to a pretty high corporate officer position with a Fortune 200 company, also not typical for bloggers who usually are looking for a way out of the 9 to 5 instead of a long term commitment. But in our own way we all have a unique message. Oh and my Doc daughter in law just bought a Tesla, and it was the expensive one, but used, plus she kept her Lexus too. But my son, who she is married to, is also a doctor driving a 2004 Toyota. I can only imagine the conversations they have!

I also love my job and not really looking for an early exit. Target age is 55, which is “early” only in the traditional sense. Just visited your site and I’m jealous— wish I could earn $250 per hour side-hustle like you did at retirement. I’m sure your son’s frugality can very well compensate for your daughter-in-law’s taste in cars– polar opposites attract. Not to mention they have big shovels to cover any hole either one creates.

Time flies. I’m glad that I get to spend my time reading on your blog and other personal finance bloggers apart from listening to podcast.

Hope to see more of your writings and continue meeting bloggers on your site.

And can you share your trip to FinCon 2019. I’m excited for you. Imagine you can meet the famous PF bloggers who are also probably have FI or FIRE.

Hey, thanks! Will do. Let me know who’s your favorite and I’ll try to get a stolen shot or possibly a selfie with her. lol. I don’t know how it will turn out especially that I’m an introvert.


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