Millionaire Before 50 Turns One Year Old!


August 21st marks my first year anniversary of blogging at MB-50. I’m so proud that I’ve managed to consistently produce two blog posts per month in spite of having a full-time career outside of blogging– I write code not blog posts for a living.

Unbeknownst to many people, this shy, quiet, unassuming Asian guy really has a lot to say about money, relationships, and life, in general.  That’s the beauty of being able to share your thoughts behind the covers of the internet.

I’m on a mission to educate broke Americans, especially millennials, about money and pretty soon about other aspects of your life, like fitness and nutrition (I used to operate a small bodybuilding gym).

Hence, my new slogan:

Get ready to retire healthy and wealthy.

Who says you can’t learn from a Filipino guy from a third world country?

New mobile-friendly site

If you’ve been here before, you probably already noticed that my site sports a new look. It’s the result of migrating from Google’s free blogging platform to a self-hosted WordPress site. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately trying to improve the user experience so I can serve you better. Fortunately, building websites nowadays is not as difficult as it used to be.

Mighty Menard Webpage (1997 to 2003)

Back in the day, it wasn’t always very easy…

I actually first started blogging in 1997. Back when the term ‘blogging’ was not yet a household word. My old website, which I partially resurrected on the left (or above, if you’re on your phone), was such a big hit that it won the People’s Choice category at the 1998 Philippine Webby Awards, a national website design competition held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Makati City that year. Back then, I had to write web pages using Notepad from scratch. WordPress didn’t exist– you had to be a geek to be able to start a blog!


One year has passed so quickly I can’t believe that I’ve already written over 24 blog posts!  There were many bumps and challenges along the road, but it was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience overall.


  • Been featured as an up and coming blog at Rockstar Finance
  • Connected with fellow money bloggers locally and abroad
  • Received one buyout offer albeit for peanuts
  • Started Facebook group with 115 members and still growing
  • Earned my first online income in 10 years through Google Adsense (I’ve temporarily stopped it).
  • Earned my first Amazon Affiliate income. I blogged about how great America is and even promoted a book about immigration. The reader, most likely an American, bought a book about immigrating to Canada instead!

Not so good:

  • I’ve been banned in at least two Facebook groups, one for a popular media site– the admins probably didn’t like the word FART even though it’s not one of the seven dirty words.
  • Ignored/ rejected by some people who I wanted to interview
  • Currently listed as #603 out of 689 blogs in Modest Money’s top finance blog list
  • Been cursed at by superstar blogger J.Money (the Miley Cyrus of blogging)  in one of my blog posts 🙂

The only drawback is that I’m unable to share my successes with family and friends without the risk of blowing my cover. It seems that writing about your finances, or publishing your net worth to the rest of the world, is as taboo as talking about masturbation.

Stay tuned. More exciting things to come!

“It seems that writing about your finances, or publishing your net worth to the rest of the world, is as taboo as talking about masturbation.”


Yup, it’s weird how my husband’s side of the family treats me now that I write about personal finance. And I treat getting rejected as a badge of honor. At least they responded!

I agree. Rejection is a good thing especially when you’ve experienced it many times like I do because over time you’d get so desensitized you get bolder and bolder enough to overcome fear. One guy even wrote a book (Amazon affiliate link) about how he became invincible by putting himself into that situation a hundred times.

Congratulations with Google Adsense (try in-article ad) and the other achievements even the not-so-good which I guess is the best part. It takes courage to put yourself out in the world along with your conviction (with abbreviation). I wish there could have been more details about the Miley Cyrus of blogging.
Keep it up (especially with anonymity, maybe that can be a blog post).

Thanks for the kind words. I now think it’s more about the featured photo of the man farting than the actual acronym. One thing that I learned early on is that here in America, it’s more disgusting to burp than to fart– which is why I thought it was okay to use the picture. It was about the comment he left in the F.A.R.T. blog post. It was my fault — I shouldn’t have published the article before it was finished. I got him hanging. (J.Money, if you happen to read this. Keep up the good work. Miley Cyrus doesn’t deserve to be associated with you. You’re way cooler 😉 sip-sep)

Wow! J.Money leaving a comment on your blog is any personal finance bloggers’ goal. (Speaking for myself here.) It’s no wonder anyway because, the contents here are well thought of, backed by research (now this sounds like science report). Keep it up.


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