How Bitcoin Mining Helped This Woman “Mine” a BMW

Lori Boco's BMW

Not every day do you see someone being gifted with a brand new car. You only see it in commercials— the husband brings his blindfolded wife to the garage, and carefully removes her blindfold to the sight of a shiny new vehicle. She then jumps up and down hysterically in joy before kissing him until he can’t breathe.

That’s what I’ve envisioned when a couple shared their blessing on Facebook the other day. Except that this couple isn’t just any other couple— they’re my former landlords. And mind you, the car was earned, not given!

“Today is one of the best days of my life. A brand new convertible BMW was delivered in front of my house. It’s from our VBit CEO Dan Vo, Vice President Jin Gao and his wife Pheng. Thank you, Lord, for the blessing.”

Fred and Lori Boco weren’t just any landlords— they’re like family. I ate their food and washed their dishes in exchange for a meager rent. They were gracious enough to offer a vacant in-law suite for me to rent. This was 16 years ago when I started from scratch.

So when I saw the post, I quickly congratulated them on winning. I chased Lori, specifically, for more information, so I can share her story with my readers. She replied with the following:

“I did not win the BMW, I earned it. I work for VBit Technologies for over a year and during this time I got promoted to Global Director, that’s why I travel all over. Last August, they gave me three awards as a newly promoted director. I’m the No. 1 producer and top recruiter for September. The CEO challenged me if I can sell a certain volume, he’ll give me a BMW. I made it, so he bought me the car. “

I never heard of VBit Technologies before, but I’m very familiar with Bitcoin mining. What I do know is that mining Bitcoin is an extremely CPU-intensive process that requires specialized equipment to validate transactions on the Bitcoin network. This company helps would-be miners by offering their services over the cloud.

According to its website, mining Bitcoin is more profitable than owning Bitcoins (not that I agree that owning is profitable).

“Given the right setup, mining Bitcoin has always been more profitable than buying Bitcoin. When you buy Bitcoin, you only get a fixed amount of Bitcoin one time, and risk losing money due to the volatility of the market. Through mining, you don’t have to worry about the volatility of the market because you are getting a little more bitcoin every day. So over time, you will have more bitcoin mining than buying, giving you a cushion against loss if prices drop, and magnifying your gain if prices increase.”

VBit Technologies website

As for Lori, it doesn’t appear that she earned her BMW by mining Bitcoins directly. Rather, she earned it by exceeding the CEO’s expectations— producing outstanding sales quotas selling and recruiting would-be miners to avail of VBit Technologies’ services.

But she’s excited to share the opportunity with others who are willing to listen.

“I am so glad that all of us are making money while we are sleeping. For those of you who are planning to retire in 2 to 3 years or want to increase your income, I can help you. They’re so generous my next car would be a Ferrari or Lamborghini, lol! They even want to buy you $1.5 million worth houses anywhere in the world and $100,000 to furnish it with any furniture you like. Please message me if you want me to teach you how to make money 24/7 while you are sleeping.”

Not sure about that. But one thing is certain, hard work and dedication to your work, especially in sales, can be significantly rewarding.

Note: I am not affiliated with VBit Technologies.

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