Dying without a will
Financial Planning

Dying Without a Will Could be Your Ultimate Horror Story

My first real encounter with death occurred while I was in Manila many years ago. I was riding a cab on my way to the City Hall when I was awakened from my short nap by the driver who was frantically exclaiming in Tagalog, “May tao, nasagasaan ng trak!” A man …

Preparing for the invevitable: Death of a Loved One
Financial Planning

Preparing for the Inevitable: Death of a Loved One

Over the course of two weeks, I’ve learned several things that must be done when a family member is dying, which I plan to share in this post.

Why successful people kill themselves

Why Would Successful People Commit Suicide?

You’ve seen it in the news, especially during an economic depression. A man loses his job, gets into a big pile of debt, runs out of options, and then kills himself. In more tragic cases, he takes his whole family with him. If you think having a job is stressful, …


9 Signs You Probably Won’t Need a Retirement Nest Egg

It’s a fact, people in developed countries are living longer. For instance, life expectancy for women is predicted to surpass 90 years in South Korea by 2030, according to the study published in The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest and most respected medical journals. Of course, the study assumes …