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Some interesting facts about me…

I’m a Filipino-American software engineer who moved to the U.S. in the middle of the dot-com boom and eventual bust, which caused many layoffs in the tech industry. While the recession did not necessarily leave me in financial ruins, the events acted as the impetus for me to start saving religiously- at a late age of 30.

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I’m happily married to a beautiful registered nurse who also mothers our two children. Together we work as a team to achieve our dream to become financially independent by the age of 52. I hope to chronicle our journey through this blog.

I actively manage our portfolio, but for the large part, we are just regular savers who automate our finances as much as we can.

We successfully funded our eldest son’s college education without going into debt.

We didn’t inherit money or win a lottery, we just follow some common sense money principles that regular people can follow.

Our combined income before taxes throughout the past dozen of years range from $120K-$200K. You might think that’s a lot, but the income supported seven people if you include my in-laws. It is typical for immigrant families to bring their parents with them.

I know, having in-laws living with you supposed to suck. But I get along with them quite well plus they provide some economic value– they help us save money on childcare. It also helps us to become very focused realizing that we could become DUNKIN– Dual UNemployed with Kids and IN-laws to support after we retire. It’s a matter of investing now or eat donuts for the rest of our retirement lives!

I plan to become outrageously generous to the needy someday.

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Dear Admin,

Hope you are doing well. I am James, a finance blogger who loves to write about financial topics. You can check my writing at my blog basicfinancecare.com.

I’ve been following your blog millionairebefore50.com for quite some time now, and I love your content and the lessons you share with your readers. I’m reaching out to see if you’d allow contributing me a guest article on your blog.

I believe I can add value to your audience on different topics. Look forward to hearing from you.

With Regards,
James Paul

Hello James Paul,

Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been to your site. Your articles are so well-written that they can end up in Money or Fortune magazine. There’s no question that you can add value to this site.

I bet you can write interesting articles that both magazines would reject yet the readers will still enjoy and learn valuable lessons from. I’d love to publish those types of articles as long as they are original and not published elsewhere.

I’ve sent the credentials for your new “contributor” account. Feel free to contribute at any time (subject to my approval, of course :). You can send me an email at msolve [@] millionairebefore50.com, if you have any questions.



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